UVC Technology

UVC is a form of ultraviolet light that is highly effective on virus and bacteria.

Why is UVC so effective on pathogens?

UV-C at a wavelength of 254 nanometer delivers enough energy to break the DNA & RNA of the pathogens. Thymine dimers are created as a result of dimerization, which prevents the virus from replicating. Based on the intensity of UVC light, dimerization process happens within a few seconds to minutes upon exposure to UVC light. 

Fact: UVC is present in sunlight as well, fortunately it is absorbed by ozone layer in the earth’s upper atmosphere.

UVC Sanitization - Simple & Effective.

100% Chemical free

UVC Sanitization does not involve any chemicals, it uses light to effectively disinfect both air & surfaces. It is as simple as turning on a light to kill the coronavirus.

No chemical stocking

UVC Sanitization does not require handling & stocking of any chemicals. This eases maintenance and simplifies entire sanitization process.

No waiting time

Spaces sanitized with UVC can be used almost immediately unlike chemical fogging

Sanitization report

Unlike chemical sanitization, UVC disinfection can be semi-automated and with IoT, sanitization reports like time & location of sanitization can be uploaded to cloud for audit


How much UVC is needed to kill Coronavirus?
corona virus dosage table

Efficacy of UVC on Coronavirus

Extensive research has been done on efficacy of UVC on coronavirus. It has been very effective in containing the SARS Coronavirus. The UVC dosages were scientifically derived and nCov-19 is only 1.8% different compared to the previous strains in terms of dimerization*, which means UVC is very effective on novel coronavirus too.

UV-C Dosage table

It works on bacteria too

UVC works on any pathogen. It can be used to inactivate bacteria, spores and molds. Research has proven that it effectively inactivates bacteria like E.Coli, Staphylococcus and Bacillus with as little as 2.3mJ/cm2 - 6.2mJ/cm2 dosage. This means, UVC sanitization can be used for a comprehensive sterlization.


UV light can safely be used for a variety of disinfection applications. Systems are available to disinfect rooms and high touch areas, ambulances and other emergency service vehicles, HVAC.

It is been using since long for biological safety cabinet disinfection and home water treatment as well. It provides a chemical free method of disinfecting soundproofing materials that are traditionally chemically incompatible.

Room Disinfection

Sanitize spaces like Hospitals, Hotels, Commercial buildings

HVAC Air sanitization

HVAC air handling unit UV-C is an Effective and efficient way of reducing Air bone deceases.

Surface Disinfection

Common touch products should be sanitized as the deceases like corona virus are most commonly spread via touched surfaces

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