SaniT Pro UVC Tower to disinfect the coronavirus

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Sani-T UV-C disinfection system is a highly effective UV sanitization solution for large areas. SaniT Pro is a portable, high efficiency UVC tower that is designed for reliable daily use and provide completely chemical free sanitization. With sensors integrated SaniT Pro provides best safety and humidity compensated UVC dosage that delivers best in class disinfection for any environment.



  • The SaniT Pro uses 8 highly efficient UVC lamps that deliver enough dosage to kill coronavirus in a minute*.
  • SaniT Pro is designed to deliver a 360 degree dosage ensuring disinfection in all directions.
  • An integrated temperature & humidity sensors helps in delivering humidity compensated UVC dosage that is highly critical for disinfection process. Dosage varies with humidity in the environment.

Sanitization simplified

  • The SaniT Pro can be configured via a mobile app. With configurable disinfection time and the location details it provides a comprehensive report of sanitization on the cloud.
  • Easy to operate with minimal/no training.
  • No special room preparation is required.
  • Completely chemical free, safe to use right after the disinfection process.


  • 360 degree motion sensing capability to ensure utmost safety for humans during disinfection process.
  • Entire disinfection process can be wirelessly controlled from a safe distance.
  • No ozone formation¬† – perfectly safe.
  • Default OFF state ensures safety when the device is tripped.

* At a distance of 4 feet from the tower.

Simple to USE:



SaniT Pro is an UVC tower which is been used to disinfect the COVID-19 Testing laboratories, Also to used for Hospital room sanitization, Hotel room disinfection, meeting hall disinfection etc


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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 152 cm


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