Sani-T Mini UVC chamber

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Sani-T Mini is a beautiful UVC box that can sanitize most of your daily items like mobile, mask and groceries. It is a 40 litre capacity, dual rack model with an average dosage of 2mw/cm2 that can kill 99.9% of coronavirus in 2 minutes.



Safety : Both the racks come with special rack sensors that will shut off UVC lamps the moment the racks are opened. This provides best safety for our customers which is our priority.

360 degree sanitization:  SaniT Mini is wonderfully designed furniture that comes with 92% reflective aluminum mesh to ensure the UVC energy will happen from all directions.

Ozone free: All UVC lamps are EAC & CE certified with special 185nm coating that blocks ozone creation. This ensures our customers safety and health.

Wireless settings:  SaniT Mini can be configured wireless from the mobile phone and it works in continuous mode unlike other products in the market. Once the disinfection time is configured, Mini starts sanitization every time the drawer is closed – so forget about configuring every time.

Its Sanitization made simple.


  • Input Voltage: 220-240V AC
  • UVC Wavelength: 253.7 nm
  • Log 1 disinfection time: (99.9%) 300 seconds
  • UVC Protection coating: Ozone free
  • Wattage : 44 watts
  • Safety Protection: Auto off with drawer open.
  • Preconfgured alarm: time before UVC operation
  • Inner Dimensions(LxBxH): 320x380x360 mm
  • Number of racks: 2
  • Lamp & Ballast: Certifcation EAC & CE
  • Hg Content: < 2mg


Residential Use case: Daily product Sanitization at Home


Use to disinfect the grocery and vegitables:

Dosage tests:

Performed the dosage test ensure that corona virus will be deactivated under few seconds.

The device by default come’s with corona virus killing settings, user can modify the settings to kill other bacteria too.


Where can we use this product:

Home: For sterilization of the fruits, vegetables, electronic items, masks and all, for that matter any  items which can fit into this device.

Office: This UV-C light Sterilizer can be effective to sanitize the documents, and stationary equipment etc!


How UV-C works: click here to know more info:

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 35 × 40 × 49 cm


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